Unlike school, one of the most significant values in having a tutor is finding a tutor that can teach the way you learn best.

What learning style works for you?
Visual (images, photos, video)
Verbal (Saying and writing words)
Aural (Audible and music)
Physical (Using your body and touch)

Find a tutor who knows how to match your style will be an essential piece of your partnership. If you don’t already know, identify your style and when selecting a tutor, ask them how they work with students who have your style. Don’t hesitate to ask for examples. The benefit of online tutoring is you don’t have to settle. The right tutor for you is out there.

Lastly, when you’re not with your tutor, it is good to recognize if you prefer to Social (in groups) or Solitary (being alone) studying.

Understanding your styles and your tutor’s abilities is the first step to a long and fruitful relationship.