Kids will communicate in two distinctly different ways – but are asking for the same thing.

Some children are confident and have no problem communicating, or asking for what they need. These students are aware of how they feel, what they need and are not embarrassed. Some students will ask for help immediately. They know their child is struggling and emotionally don’t want to feel that way anymore. They want to solve the problem and move forward. These are far easier situations as a parent to manage.

The other kind of student is more aggressive with their communication but not as direct. These students tend to be more defensive, loud, have endless excuses, and use the word “hate.”

“I hate school!” “I hate my teacher!” “I hate algebra!” “I hate you!”

Students who use the word “hate” are asking for help. They might not always realize it, but at the root of their communication, that’s what they need.

If your child hates school, their teacher or specific subjects, there are easy ways to help. Leaving your child to fend for themselves is sometimes necessary, but if you can help remove “hate” from their vocabulary, everyone around them can benefit.

Initially “hate” situations can seem challenging, but use negative signs as positive! Help with your child’s education is available at your fingertips.