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“It felt like hope for a good education and keeping my son’s interest was slipping away. I know I didn’t try everything, but it sure felt like it. Douroosi was able to match him with tutors that helped him through tough times and now he’s excited to learn and excelling for the first time.”


“I was skeptical that my daughter could learn with a tutor on a computer. But, for her it was pretty natural and she was actually more relaxed. It allowed her to learn without the pressure and stress of being in a classroom. Now she has some of the best grades in her class.”


“I was nervous about the entire process. I was nervous about signing up, nervous about finding a tutor and nervous about whether or not I was wasting my money. Signing up was easy and seeing how impactful the sessions have been for my boy, it’s been so worth it. I’m so thankful I found Douroosi.”


“School was hard. If I was having a bad day, was tired or just didn’t pay attention I fell behind. Now I have a way to stay on top of my work.” Ahmed

“I was a really good student and never really had any problems. For the first time I had to write a really long paper and I had no idea how or where to start. My tutor was great and helped me through the process and now I can write the next paper without any help.” Salma

“I always felt alone in school. I didn’t have many friends and I just sat quietly hiding at the back of the class waiting for the day to end and go home. I didn’t know if I was failing because I wasn’t trying. I wasn’t motivated and my parents made me try Douroosi. I connected with my tutors straight away and I felt like they were on my side and changed the way I felt about school.”


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