Easy and Safe Connection

Between Students & Tutors

Douroosi is an easy to use platform that allows you to


find the help you need and finally take that

deep breath.







Your Profile

Your profile is easy to set-up and manage. If you have one or multiple children working with Douroosi your dashboard is easy to navigate and monitor. Whether setting up their general information or setting permissions each child is treated as an individual and has their own account as a student.


Even with our full list of options, selecting the subject or subjects you need is seamless

Pick a Tutor

Search for type expert, read reviews and select the package that works best with your child. If picking the right teacher for your child in school was this easy we wouldn’t be in business.

How We Help

Once you selected your Tutor there are several ways Douroosi helps students. Do you need on-going support or simply help with an assignment? The flexibility to select and adapt to your child’s needs makes the process so easy and hassle free.


Whether you need a tutor daily, weekly or in a moments notice if you need help scheduling a tutor is easy.  There are any number of areas that school can seem stressful, but this isn’t one of them.


It is easy to communicate with tutors inside the platform as well as the Douroosi team for support