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Who We Are

At Douroosi we believe that education is the foundation for our future. We are investing in our youth enabling our region to continue to emerge as leaders.  Additionally, we want to further develop an environment that opens our doors to the world.


What We Do

Douroosi has developed a video-based learning platform that enables students of all ages, abilities and needs to get paired with some of the best educators around the world. Bridging the global community help educate our students in regional and global practices.  The more we open our doors and facilitate education and communication, the less walls we’ll have to tear down.

How Douroosi Works

Technology has made global communication and sharing easy. Douroosi uses best-in-class solutions allowing you to easily work with your students.

  • Set an appointment
  • Connect with quality video and audio
  • Work on lessons
  • Review and assess assignments

Get Paid to teach

Anywhere in the World

6 Reasons to Join DOUROOSI

Make an Impact

Working 1-on-1 with a student allows you to make an immediate and lasting impact on a student’s education.

Extra Hand with an Assignment

A little assistance at the right time can often be enough to make the impact you need.

Anywhere in the World

Education is a global power and you can make your mark from anywhere.

No Minimums

You can work the the number of hours a week that suit you.

Free Time or Anytime

Make your own schedule to suit your availability.

Get Paid

You have the knowledge so get paid for it.


Lesson fees differ, based on each tutor’s qualifications, experience, and interview performance.

*Net pay differs based on each tutor’s qualifications, experience, and interview performance.

All qualifications must go through a verification process before a position is offered at Douroosi.


Teaching Experience: 8+ years SpLD ONLY*SpLD less than 8years teacher should not be accepted by Douroosi as a SpLD teacher
Degree: 8+ years SpLD ONLY*SpLD less than 8years teacher should not be accepted by Douroosi as a SpLD teacher
Specialized Teaching Qualification: Yes for SpLD ONLY
Teaching Qualification: Yes


Teaching Experience: 6+ years
Degree: Bachelors, Masters. Phd – special subjects**** Specialist subjects – Sciences, Maths, higher qualifications (PHd) & experience of teaching & Teaching qualification start Tier 2
Specialized Teaching Qualification: No
Teaching Qualification: Yes


Teaching Experience:  1-5 years
Degree: Bachelors or TEFL/CELTA ONLY
Specialized Teaching Qualification: No
Teaching Qualification: Yes****** Specialist subjects – Sciences, Maths with no teaching qualification will start on tier 1 with possibility of advancement after QA


Global Online Teachers


Years Teaching Online


UAE Students x1000


Student growth

Reviews & Endorsements


“Douroosi is a streamlined and efficient platform, teaming up students and tutors. Good tutors are there who are willing and capable of helping students of all ages. I can see this platform becoming a game changer in the region.”

– John Smith

Reviews & Endorsements


“The platform is helpful, my kids of 13 and 8 enjoy using the platform to help them with their school work. It is efficient as it has been very helpful to my children in more ways then we all expected. Especially that my kids are still able to retain what they are learning. Douroosi is a good fit for us.

– Brandy Cruz

Reviews & Endorsements


“We used Douroosi as a tool to help my daughter who needs some help in math. The tutors we hired did well with my daughter who also said the experience was beneficial. Will return again to the platform to help my daughter in math and other subjects.”

– Jane Doe
What service does DOUROOSI provide?

Douroosi helps students learn difficult concepts and enhance their grades by connecting them with the right tutor. Whether students need help understanding a complex topic or want to take their knowledge to the next level we have the tutors that will help students achieve their academic goals

What's the best way to find the parents / students?

On your profile make sure all of your information describes why you are the best tutor for parents to select for their kids or independent students. Also, include any additional credentials you’ve earned.

How do i reschedule a lesson?

In your schedule you are able to post a new lesson and delete the one you’d like to reschedule. You must infrom the student or parent and confirm you’ve changed the originally scheduled lesson.

How can I create a tutor account?

You can create an account by selecting the “become a tutor“ navigate to the top of the page under ‘become a tutor’. After you have filled in the application and submitted it to a Douroosi member will be in contact shortly to guide you further.

I didn't find the topic I want to tutor. Can we add the topic?

Email us about the topic you’d like to tutor and we’ll investigate adding that subject to our options.

What can I do in the classroom?

Communication options like headphones and good internet connection as the platform will provide the video and audio communication. We are already working on adding more collaborative tools


Finding the Right Tutor. What’s on Your Wishlist?

Can I find the tutor I want? How?
Historically, finding a tutor for many parents in their local market is driven by availability and cost. The best tutors are either hard to schedule or expensive. Are you with settling for the best available tutor to help your child?
Most parents wish for the same thing.

Career Success is in the Numbers – Math

When learning context can mean everything, this is especially the case with math. Math is everywhere, but too often in school, teachers don’t apply lessons to real life. For many students math becomes confusing, daunting and leaves many questioning, ‘when will I use this in the real world?’

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We believe knowledge is essential…  we aim to connect tutors to students in a safe and efficient way.

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