When learning context can mean everything, this is especially the case with math. Math is everywhere, but too often in school, teachers don’t apply lessons to real life. For many students math becomes confusing, daunting and leaves many questioning, ‘when will I use this in the real world?’

Tutors have the unique ability to apply the right context to the right student. Understanding the why and how are a game changer for learning and possible career paths.

When working with or selecting your tutor ask how the math your learning can be applied to the ‘real world’ and you can take it one step further and tie the lessons to different occupations.

You don’t need to go crazy and select a career now, but it never hurts to understand job trends. For your reference, here are some occupations in the Middle East that have starting six-figure salaries.

Financial Planning
Tax Manager
Program Manager
Business Systems Analyst
Anti-Money Laundering
Mergers and Acquisitions

Having the right tutor has more advantages than just good grades. You never know how applying context to learning can help you on your path.