“I hate” is your child asking for help

Kids will communicate in two distinctly different ways – but are asking for the same thing.

Some children are confident and have no problem communicating, or asking for what they need. These students are aware of how they feel, what they need and are not embarrassed. Some students will ask for help immediately. They know their child is struggling and emotionally don’t want to feel that way anymore. They want to solve the problem and move forward. These are far easier situations as a parent to manage.

The other kind of student is more aggressive with their communication but not as direct. These students tend to be more defensive, loud, have endless excuses, and use the word “hate.”

“I hate school!” “I hate my teacher!” “I hate algebra!” “I hate you!”

Students who use the word “hate” are asking for help. They might not always realize it, but at the root of their communication, that’s what they need.

If your child hates school, their teacher or specific subjects, there are easy ways to help. Leaving your child to fend for themselves is sometimes necessary, but if you can help remove “hate” from their vocabulary, everyone around them can benefit.

Initially “hate” situations can seem challenging, but use negative signs as positive! Help with your child’s education is available at your fingertips.

Finding the Right Tutor. What’s on Your Wishlist?

Can I find the tutor I want? How?

Historically, finding a tutor for many parents in their local market is driven by availability and cost. The best tutors are either hard to schedule or expensive. Are you with settling for the best available tutor to help your child?

Most parents wish for the same thing.

1. I wish I could find the tutor who best matches what my child wants and needs. Someone who has the academic credentials, age, gender, teaching style, and personality.
2. I wish I could afford the best tutor.
3. I wish I could schedule my tutoring session when it works best for my schedule.

Online tutoring alleviates many of the old stressors!

You now have access to an exceptional global talent pool. You have virtually countless options for each subject that best suit your child’s needs. Because you’re able to choose from more than your local market the demand is less making it more affordable. Plus with more options, you can choose the tutor that works best with your schedule.

Online tutoring is still a new concept for many, but kids today learn in new ways. They have grown up in a digital world. There is no adapting to the learning process; it’s second nature.

As the saying goes, ‘if you don’t learn from history you’ll be doomed to repeat it.’ You no longer have to settle, pay more than you can afford, or schedule sessions at times that don’t work for you. Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

It is now easier than ever to take the stress out of education for you and your child.

Career Success is in the Numbers – Math

When learning context can mean everything, this is especially the case with math. Math is everywhere, but too often in school, teachers don’t apply lessons to real life. For many students math becomes confusing, daunting and leaves many questioning, ‘when will I use this in the real world?’

Tutors have the unique ability to apply the right context to the right student. Understanding the why and how are a game changer for learning and possible career paths.

When working with or selecting your tutor ask how the math your learning can be applied to the ‘real world’ and you can take it one step further and tie the lessons to different occupations.

You don’t need to go crazy and select a career now, but it never hurts to understand job trends. For your reference, here are some occupations in the Middle East that have starting six-figure salaries.

Financial Planning
Tax Manager
Program Manager
Business Systems Analyst
Anti-Money Laundering
Mergers and Acquisitions

Having the right tutor has more advantages than just good grades. You never know how applying context to learning can help you on your path.