1. Not everyone learns in the same way. Often, one of the reasons kids look for tutors is that something isn’t connecting in class. When there is a room full of students, the teacher can’t focus on the best way for your student to learn. To develop your student, just remember that even if your method has worked for other children, adapting to the student will help everyone in the long run.
  2. Learn what they like. If you can relate the subject matter you are teaching to areas of interest for the kids ,they’ll more easily relate to the lessons. If a kids loves football, make your language lesson breakdown the parts of speech in articles about their favorite team.
  3. Explanations are the path. When you’re working through problems with kids, it is imperative that they are able to show and explain their work. Even if they seem to fully understand, this reinforces the learning and allows you to effective track their understanding and progress.

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